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Ammending Taxes

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Ammending Taxes

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  • BBB Warns of an Email Phishing Scam
    The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a new email scam designed to steal your money. Be on the lookout for an email claiming to be from someone you know who is stuck in another country. They are asking you to give them a loan to pay for their hotel bills and airfare home and request that you respond via email.
  • Beware of Osama Bin Laden Email Phishing Schemes
    The death of Osama bin Laden has garnered attention and interest around the world. Unfortunately, major news events like this one often bring a wave of phishing scams designed to collect your personal or financial information without your knowledge. Phishing scammers use email or malicious websites to solicit information by posing as a trustworthy source. For example, a scam may send an email that looks like it's from a reputable news organization with links to photos or video when, in fact, it takes you to a malicious website or downloads harmful viruses onto your computer.
  • Don't Open Bogus Email that Claims to Come From the FTC
    A bogus email is circulating that says it is from the Federal Trade Commission, referencing a 'complaint' filed with the FTC against the email's recipient. The email includes links and an attachment that download a virus. As with any suspicious email, the FTC warns recipients not to click on links within the email and not to open any attachments.
  • E-mail Claiming to Be From the FDIC
    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has received numerous reports of a fraudulent e-mail that has the appearance of being sent from the FDIC. The subject line of the e- mail states: 'check your Bank Deposit Insurance Coverage.' The e-mail tells recipients that, 'You have received this message because you are a holder of a FDIC-insured bank account. Recently FDIC has officially named the bank you have opened your account with as a failed bank, thus, taking control of its assets.'
  • E-mails Containing Threats and Extortion
    The Internet Crime Complaint Center has recently received information concerning spam e-mails from threatening to assassinate the recipient unless the recipient pays several thousand dollars to the sender of the email. The subject claims to have been following the victim for some time and was supposedly hired to kill the victim by a friend of the victim. The subject threatens to carry out the assassination if the victim goes to the police and requests the victim to respond quickly and provide their telephone number.
  • FTC Warns Consumers About Bogus E-Mail That Claims to Be From Agency
    Consumers, including corporate and banking executives, appear to be targets of a bogus e-mail supposedly sent by the Federal Trade Commission but actually sent by third parties hoping to install spyware on computers. The bogus e-mail poses as an acknowledgment of a complaint filed by the recipient, and includes an attachment. Consumers who open the attachment to this e-mail unleash malicious spyware onto their computer.
  • Gmail Phishing Attack
    US-CERT is aware of public reports of a phishing attack that specifically targets US government and military officials' Gmail accounts. The attack arrives via an email sent from a spoofed address of an individual or agency known to the targeted user. The email contains a "view download" link that leads to a fake Gmail login page. The login information is then sent to an attacker.
  • Mass Marketing Fraud
    A few decades ago, mass marketing fraud - the kind that exploits mass communication techniques like bulk mail or telemarketing - was relatively low-tech and mostly a regional crime problem targeting victims nearby. These days, it's a different story. Thanks to the Internet, criminals and crime groups can also target victims halfway around the world, blasting out spam e-mails by the millions and setting up phony but realistic websites to lure people in.
  • Sham Site Is a Scam: There Is No "National Do Not E-mail Registry"
    Have you submitted your e-mail address to a "National Do Not E-mail Registry" that promises to reduce the amount of spam (unsolicited e-mail) you receive? If so, you are the victim of a scam, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The web site at "" mimics the language, look, and navigation of the Web site for the National Do Not Call Registry, a legitimate free service of the federal government. The "" site is not run or authorized by the FTC and is concerned that the "" site could be part of a high-tech scam that uses a deceptive Web site to trick consumers into disclosing their e-mail address or other sensitive personal information.
  • Spammers Continue to Abuse the Names of Top Government Executives by Misusing the Name of the United States Attorney General
    As with previous spam attacks, which have included the names of high- ranking FBI executives and names of various government agencies, a new version misuses the name of the United States Attorney General, Eric Holder. The current spam alleges that the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were informed the e-mail recipient is allegedly involved in money laundering and terrorist-related activities. To avoid legal prosecution, the recipient must obtain a certificate from the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chairman at a cost of $370.

The Ammending Taxes

Ammending taxes How To Get Tax Help Table of Contents You can get help with unresolved tax issues, order free publications and forms, ask tax questions, and get more information from the IRS in several ways. Ammending taxes By selecting the method that is best for you, you will have quick and easy access to tax help. Ammending taxes Contacting your Taxpayer Advocate. Ammending taxes   If you have attempted to deal with an IRS problem unsuccessfully, you should contact your Taxpayer Advocate. Ammending taxes   The Taxpayer Advocate represents your interests and concerns within the IRS by protecting your rights and resolving problems that have not been fixed through normal channels. Ammending taxes While Taxpayer Advocates cannot change the tax law or make a technical tax decision, they can clear up problems that resulted from previous contacts and ensure that your case is given a complete and impartial review. Ammending taxes   To contact your Taxpayer Advocate: Call the Taxpayer Advocate at 1–877–777–4778. Ammending taxes Call the IRS at 1–800–829–1040. Ammending taxes Call, write, or fax the Taxpayer Advocate office in your area. Ammending taxes Call 1–800–829–4059 if you are a TTY/TDD user. Ammending taxes   For more information, see Publication 1546, The Taxpayer Advocate Service of the IRS. Ammending taxes Free tax services. Ammending taxes   To find out what services are available, get Publication 910, Guide to Free Tax Services. Ammending taxes It contains a list of free tax publications and an index of tax topics. Ammending taxes It also describes other free tax information services, including tax education and assistance programs and a list of TeleTax topics. Ammending taxes Personal computer. Ammending taxes With your personal computer and modem, you can access the IRS on the Internet at www. Ammending taxes irs. Ammending taxes gov. Ammending taxes While visiting our web site, you can: Find answers to questions you may have. Ammending taxes Download forms and publications or search for forms and publications by topic or keyword. Ammending taxes View forms that may be filled in electronically, print the completed form, and then save the form for recordkeeping. Ammending taxes View Internal Revenue Bulletins published in the last few years. Ammending taxes Search regulations and the Internal Revenue Code. Ammending taxes Receive our electronic newsletters on hot tax issues and news. Ammending taxes Get information on starting and operating a small business. Ammending taxes You can also reach us with your computer using File Transfer Protocol at ftp. Ammending taxes irs. Ammending taxes gov. Ammending taxes TaxFax Service. Ammending taxes Using the phone attached to your fax machine, you can receive forms and instructions by calling 703–368–9694. Ammending taxes Follow the directions from the prompts. Ammending taxes When you order forms, enter the catalog number for the form you need. Ammending taxes The items you request will be faxed to you. Ammending taxes For help with transmission problems, call the FedWorld Help Desk at 703–487–4608. Ammending taxes Phone. Ammending taxes Many services are available by phone. Ammending taxes Ordering forms, instructions, and publications. Ammending taxes Call 1–800–829–3676 to order current and prior year forms, instructions, and publications. Ammending taxes Asking tax questions. Ammending taxes Call the IRS with your tax questions at 1–800–829–1040. Ammending taxes TTY/TDD equipment. Ammending taxes If you have access to TTY/TDD equipment, call 1–800–829–4059 to ask tax questions or to order forms and publications. Ammending taxes TeleTax topics. Ammending taxes Call 1–800–829–4477 to listen to pre-recorded messages covering various tax topics. Ammending taxes Evaluating the quality of our telephone services. Ammending taxes To ensure that IRS representatives give accurate, courteous, and professional answers, we evaluate the quality of our telephone services in several ways. Ammending taxes A second IRS representative sometimes monitors live telephone calls. Ammending taxes That person only evaluates the IRS assistor and does not keep a record of any taxpayer's name or tax identification number. Ammending taxes We sometimes record telephone calls to evaluate IRS assistors objectively. Ammending taxes We hold these recordings no longer than one week and use them only to measure the quality of assistance. Ammending taxes We value our customers' opinions. Ammending taxes Throughout this year, we will be surveying our customers for their opinions on our service. Ammending taxes Walk-in. Ammending taxes You can walk in to many post offices, libraries, and IRS offices to pick up certain forms, instructions, and publications. Ammending taxes Some IRS offices, libraries, grocery stores, copy centers, city and county governments, credit unions, and office supply stores have an extensive collection of products available to print from a CD-ROM or photocopy from reproducible proofs. Ammending taxes Also, some IRS offices and libraries have the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, Internal Revenue Bulletins, and Cumulative Bulletins available for research purposes. Ammending taxes Mail. Ammending taxes You can send your order for forms, instructions, and publications to the Distribution Center nearest to you and receive a response within 10 workdays after your request is received. Ammending taxes Find the address that applies to your part of the country. Ammending taxes Western part of U. Ammending taxes S. Ammending taxes : Western Area Distribution Center Rancho Cordova, CA 95743–0001 Central part of U. Ammending taxes S. Ammending taxes : Central Area Distribution Center P. Ammending taxes O. Ammending taxes Box 8903 Bloomington, IL 61702–8903 Eastern part of U. Ammending taxes S. Ammending taxes and foreign addresses: Eastern Area Distribution Center P. Ammending taxes O. Ammending taxes Box 85074 Richmond, VA 23261–5074 CD-ROM. Ammending taxes You can order IRS Publication 1796, Federal Tax Products on CD-ROM, and obtain: Current tax forms, instructions, and publications. Ammending taxes Prior-year tax forms and instructions. Ammending taxes Popular tax forms that may be filled in electronically, printed out for submission, and saved for recordkeeping. Ammending taxes Internal Revenue Bulletins. Ammending taxes The CD-ROM can be purchased from National Technical Information Service (NTIS) by calling 1–877–233–6767 or on the Internet at www. Ammending taxes irs. Ammending taxes gov. Ammending taxes The first release is available in mid-December and the final release is available in late January. Ammending taxes IRS Publication 3207, Small Business Resource Guide, is an interactive CD-ROM that contains information important to small businesses. Ammending taxes It is available in mid-February. Ammending taxes You can get a free copy by calling 1–800–829–3676 or visiting the IRS web site at www. Ammending taxes irs. Ammending taxes gov. Ammending taxes Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications